Voltage Regulator


The voltage regulator GRTA-2 is compact, sturdy equipment, of high reliability. Applicable in small-size or portable generators, with or without Auxiliary Coil. Developed with state-of-the-art technology for analog voltage regulators. Its circuit of control and regulation uses semiconductors tested in the strictest quality standards. It does not have mechanical components for priming and its system is totally static and encapsulated in resin resistant to salt spray and vibration, being able to withstand vibrations of up to 50mm/s. Its design is apt for direct application in coupling of the generator with half-moon shape, as per the models of regulators which come original from the factory in small-size or portable generators. The base of this product is in aluminum to aid in dissipation of heat and has excellent mechanical resistance. Excitation voltage: Vs= 0.45 x Va (Vs= output voltage and Va= power supply voltage).

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