Battery Charger GCBF- 04

GCBF-04 is a unit supplying continuous voltage of which the main application is as battery charger, being able to be used in other applications as continuous voltage source.
As a charging unit, it is used to charge batteries, as well as to maintain their voltage.
It is possible to supply several consumers simultaneously (parallel load operation).
GCBF is short circuit proof, and so it is not necessary to disconnect the charging unit during an operation which could cause a small short circuit (for example the start of a diesel engine). Single-phase input 110/220Vac and voltage output 12V or 24Vdc.
Output current 6A when the voltage is 12Vdc or 3A when the voltage is 24Vdc.


Input Voltage
Rated output voltage (± 2%)
10 – 15Vdc
20 – 30 Vcc
Maximum output current (± 5%)
0 – 6Adc
0 – 3Acc
Electrical safety
Galvanic Isolation
Maximum output power
Input current: Max. / Min.
1,1A @ 90Vac / 0,4 @ 265Vac
Input fuse
Glass 2A
Maximum output ripple for full load
≤ 4,00%
Estimated yield
> 85%
Power factor
≥ 0,65%
Voltage regulation
< 1% for full load
Line regulation
< 0,3% for full load
Correction time
< 15 ms for change of load from 10 to 90%
Switching frequency
Radio interference suppression RFI