Digital Voltage Regulator


Compact voltage regulator for brushless generators, with or without PMG and auxiliary coil.
Configurable by protocol MODBUS for PC/RS-232.
Adjustments of voltage through external potentiometer, analog and/or digital input.
It allows adjustment of parameters PID, voltage of reference, protection and limiter U/F, and handles generators with excitation current of 5A, excitation voltage: Vs= 1.32 x Va (Vs= excitation voltage and Va= power supply voltage).
Encapsulated in epoxy resin, resistant to salt spray and able to withstand vibrations of up to 50mm/s.


• Excitation current: 5A;
• Forced output current for 1 minute: 7A;
• Power supply: three-phase (15 to 300V) single-phase (15 to 300V);
• Feedback: three-phase and single-phase;
• Frequency range of operation in feedback: 35Hz to 75Hz;
• Feedback frequency: 45Hz to 180Hz;
• Static regulation: 0.5%;
• Approximate weight: 810g +/- 50g;
• Limiter U/F and limiter of start angle;
• Protection of excess voltage;
• Digital inputs;
• Digital output to relay for notification of failure (depending upon the model);
• Parallel operation in DROOP mode, FP constant and Q constant (depending upon the model);
• Analog input +/-10Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA configurable;
• Communication protocol MODBUS RTU;
• Terminal of expansion for communication;
• Software for control of parameterization.


Manual GRTD-1100 rev.03

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