Integrated Speed, Voltage and Synchronism System


Microprocessed digital equipment which has the function of controlling synchronous machines.
The flexibility in the adjustment of the parameters and topology of assembly associated with the possibility of creating logical functions allows its use in a wide range of applications.
For excitation currents up to 15A, there is the option of using an incorporated power module (GPRI2000-15), employing technology IGBT.
It also allows controlling external power modules with topologies using IGBT or thyristor.
The equipment GRTD-2000 has several logical blocks and functions.

VOLTAGE REGULATOR: This logical block implements the function of a voltage regulator having several control modes, alarm limiters, providing a complete solution for control of synchronous machines.

SPEED REGULATOR: This logical block implements the function of a speed regulator having several control modes, also being able to be used in the speed control of Kaplan turbines, where one of the outputs controls the opening of the distributor and another the attack angle of the rotor blades.

SYNCHRONISM: GRTD-2000 has a logical block that implements the function of synchronoscope and which allows executing synchronisms of the machine with the busbar where it will be connected.



• Manual control of field voltage, field current or start angle of the power module;
• Automatic control of armature voltage;
• Adjustable droop for parallel operation (reactive compensation);
• Negative droop for line fall compensation;
• Power factor control;
• Reactive power control;
• Power system stabilizer – PSS (optional);
• Automatic priming in start, being able to be reapplied during normal operation if the voltage falls below the setpoint value;
• Possibility of double channel operation;
• Option of operating with power module incorporated or separate;
• Clock with possibility of synchronism with GPS system by means of signal IRIG-B;
• Record of digital events, recorded in memory card of type SD;
• Record of oscillographies, recorded in memory card of type SD;
• Rise/fall ramp adjustable for all control references;
• Synchronizer – allows adjusting the voltage, frequency and phase of the generator
for synchronism with bar (optional);
• Software for parameterization with friendly interface allowing executing
adjustment, programming and monitoring of all the functions of the regulator;
• Function of reference follower between regulators in the double channel topology or between operation modes in the single channel topology, so that the transfers between channels or between operation modes in the same regulator occur smoothly;
• Programable logic, allowing configuring the function of digital and analog inputs/output, creating internal logical functions, using logical ports, timers, latch, etc.;
• Distribution of reactive power between machines;
• Detection of failure of rotating diode (optional);
• Control “zeroes reactive” to allow opening of circuit breaker with minimum
current of armature.


• 03 inputs for feedback of armature voltage;
• Allows selecting 4 scales: 120, 240, 480 and 600 Vac;
• 01 input for feedback of busbar voltage;
• Allows selecting 4 scales: 120, 240, 480 and 600 Vac;
• 03 inputs for feedback of armature current;
• Allows selecting two scales: 1 and 5 A;
• 01 input for feedback of field voltage;
• Allows selecting 3 scales: 80, 240 and 720 VDC;
• 02 inputs for feedback of field current;
• Measures signals with amplitude of 0 to 15 Vdc coming from current transducer;
• 02 inputs of general use (+/-20mA or +/-10V), configurable.


Manual GRTD-2000 – rev.08 – Portuguese
Manual GRTD-2000 – rev.08 – Spanish

Manuais de Operação e Instalação:
– Módulo de Potência GPRI2000-15 rev.03
Módulo de Potência GPRT2000-45 rev.01
– Módulo de Potência GPRT2000-400 rev.01
– Módulo de Potência GPRT2000-550 rev.01
– Interface para Potência Remota Tiristorizada GPRT2000 rev.03


Catalog GRTD2000_pt

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