Digital Speed Regulator


Digital speed regulator applicable to turbines of type Francis (GRV03) and Kaplan (GRV04).
Design compact for assembly in panel door, with display and graph of operations in the interface.
It has communication MODBUS-RTU by serial door RS485 and RS232.

• Uses DSP (digital signal processor) technology for processing the signal;
• Power supply: 24Vdc/125Vdc*;
• Maximum consumption: 25 W;
• Digital outputs to relay: 08 outputs;
• Digital inputs: 14 isolated inputs;
• Quick digital input (speed reading): 1 isolated input;
• Analog current inputs (4–20mA): 2 inputs;
• Analog outputs (0-20mA / 4-20mA / 0-24mA / 0-10V / ±10V): 2 outputs;
• Analog inputs of generator voltage: Three-phase up to 220 Vac;
• Analog inputs of generator current: Three-phase up to 8A;
• Resolving voltage measurement: 1 Vac;
• Indication of status: Synoptic of HMI (5 LEDs);
• Reading of variables and parameters: Display LCD 4×20 with backlight;
• Parametrization and operation: By keyboard (8 keys).