Manual Exciter for Generators


Manual Excitation for Generators with PM or Auxiliary EMG Coil was developed to operate together with Pegasus voltage regulators, its function is to control the output voltage of the generator, when the main regulator is out of operation

• Feedback: single-phase or two-phase 170 to 250Vac;
• Power supply: single-phase or two-phase 170 to 250Vac;
• Output voltage (maximum): 99Vdc;
• Rated Operation current: 5.0A;
• Peak current (maximum 5 seconds: 7.0A;
• Static regulation: 1.0%;
• Internal Voltage adjustment: 15%;
• External Voltage adjustment: 137-250Vac;
• Thermal Stability: 0.5% for temperatures of 0º to +60ºC;
• Approximate weight: 855 g.