Microprocessed Temperature Monitor – 24VCDC or 125VDC


GMT6c is a micro-controlled temperature monitor, which has simultaneous protection, monitoring and viewing of six temperature channels, using communication RS485.
It is used for protection of machines, transformers, ovens and boilers and industrial processes.
It employs GCS converters, which are used to transform the voltage signals of the transducers of temperature into current signals, causing less susceptibility to noise in measurement.


Input for 6 sensors PT 100, with simultaneous viewing.
Compensation of resistance of cables.
Alarms with independent scheduling for each channel.
Two limits for each channel (alarm and/or disconnection).
Relays with contact NA: 10A.
Alphanumerical Liquid Crystal Display of high luminosity.
Power supply: 24Vdc.
Temperature Range: 0 – 200 °C.
Precision: 0.5% F.E.
Resolution: 1°C.
Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 138 mm.
Sampling Frequency: >>1 s.
It memorizes the maximum values attained.
Approx. weight: 750 g.
Temperature of Operation: +5°~+45°C


Installation and Operation Manual GMT6-C rev.03

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