Static Converter for Power Supply of Aircraft 400HZ

GSPU is a static converter of energy which from the conventional power supply network, 220/380/440Vac 50/60Hz, makes available three-phase power supply 115/200Vac in 400Hz intended to supply the energy requirement for aircraft.
It can be used in boarding bridges, mobile support units on the runway or in maintenance hangars. With output power capacity of up to 180kVA, with option of supplying 28Vdc integrated.

The control system is bases in philosophy SVM (Space Vector Modulation), which optimizes performance reducing harmonic distortion, implemented totally with digital technology, which, besides the control loop, includes automatic protection, adjustments of parameters and readings of output conditions, through a user-friendly interface. Developed and manufactured fully by Grameyer with its own technology, which makes available, besides the warranty, technical support with specialized labor throughout the domestic territory.


Three-Phase Voltage: 220/380/440Vac* -15%/+10%
Frequency 50-60Hz
Total harmonic distortion of current THDi <5% Power Factor 0.98 Inductive input Stage Rectifier of 6 or 12 pulse

Three-Phase Voltage 115/200Vac
Total harmonic distortion of output <2% Frequency 400Hz +/-0.5% Voltage adjustment +/-15% Output power 30-180kVA* Crest factor 1.41 +/-3% Recognition of signal E/F Configurable Regulation of voltage 1% Galvanic isolation between input and output

Excess input current
Excess output current
Under/Over voltage of output
Under/Over voltage of link DC
Excess current of link DC
Failure in ventilation
High temperature in power circuit
Failure in power circuit
Output terminals open
Failure of internal contactors

Operation temperature -40 C +45 C
Acoustic noise <65dB Wrapping Structure resistant to corrosion Protection Grade IP54


Manual GSPU


Catálogo GSPU

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