Voltage Regulator


The GRTA-2D voltage regulator was developed to meet a wide range of synchronous generators with excitation current up to 7A.

The state of the art in generator control is used in this regulator.

An easy-to-use regulator with the following built-in protections:
– Lack of feedback;
– U / F protection;
– Analog input selectable (via jumper) between ± 3V, ± 5V and ± 10V allowing a wide range of applications when applied in parallel with other generators or the network, for this a controller must be used that will act on these analog inputs.


Rated excitation current7A
Forced excitation current for 1 minute10A
Protection fuse7A
Sensing voltage Vreal E1 – 170 Vac up to 300 Vac
E2 – 300 Vac up to 600 Vac
Under frequency protection (U/f) 50 Hz or 60Hz
Analog input±3 V or ±5 V or ±10 V
Voltage adjustment Adjustable by trimpot Vad
Rated operating voltage (Power)220 Vac
Power supply range Val (3 e E3/4) 170 Vac up to 300 Vac
Rated operating frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Power fluctuation voltage±30%
Maximum power945 VA
Power consumption ~3,3 VA
Power connection Monophasic (connector 3 and E3/4)
Sensing voltage connection Monophasic (connector E1 or E2
and E3/4)
Controlled rectifier gain ratio0,45
Maximum voltage of excitation field 135 Vcc (Vf = 0,45 * Val)
Static regulation < 0,5%
Dynamic response adjustable 8 up to 500ms
Working temperature range -40ºC up to 60ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC up to 60ºC
Maximum relative humidity (operation and
0 - 80%
Pollution degree3
Protection degreeIP00
Operation altitude Less than 2000m or greater equal to
EMI filter Diferencial EMI filter class X2
Field excitation resistance in 20ºC6 - 50 Ω
Protections Lack of sensing voltage
Under frequency (U/f)
ResinEpoxy flame resistant (V0)
Base Aluminum not flammable (V0)


Valores em mm.



Manual GRTA-2D rev.05

Installation Guide rev04

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